A Monster and an Illustrator Tutorial

A Monster and an Illustrator Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator is cool. I think it is cooler than Photoshop. But come on, apples and oranges right? Give me some bezier points eh? Yup. Illustrator is a workhorse at times – and every once in a while some art comes out as well. I was drawing a juggling machete to use in designing a set of arts as the current graphic designer for the International Jugglers’ Association.

Also – bonus, I can use this art in The London Broil Show artwork and videos. For the last couple years I have been drawing objects of juggling as they are needed for artwork and promotion.

I screen captured myself drawing up this machete, then exported the video. (I finally paid for the screen capture software I needed, [place affiliate ad here]) Dimensions of my screen capture and that of HD video do not match (this has been fixed in future screen captures, ask me how [link]), so I shrunk things up and moved them over, I had a strip of space on the side of the video now. Obviously a door goes there. And a door usually has a monster behind it.

The monster is from sketch book drawings that have been tweaked in photoshop. Okay, so now – processes start to diverge from my normal routine. I would probably go to After Effects for animation, but no – there is this new software on the horizon – Character Animator – and I start using the Beta version with this monster as the puppet the same time I am finishing up editing the machete drawing video. Bouncing between these projects I started talking to myself as the monster, kinda critiquing and commenting on the video.

So a merge happened (not epic Dark Crystal level, but maybe a very fun merge that will lead to some greater good in the world) and I combined the projects, adding many many months to the project as I learned Character Animator and how to work three programs different time lines together. Many hours pondering and testing how to watch / record / output / and integrate all these files and videos with one computer that was pushing its cores.

Final output is great for my first solo animation in awhile. I want to see where this guy lives, and what he want’s to see drawn next. He has backstory from a different lifetime ago… ideas to unfold.

There is a bonus video of my drawing of the door, from sketched pieces in my notebook to final image used in the tutorial video.

I did use After Effects for the door opening, the monster poking its head out and then coming out of the door. I was trying to animate it in Premiere and was not getting anywhere. I rendered it out in AE and then keyed out the background (made bright blue in AE) in Premiere.

Overall – I give myself a pat on the back for completion. And a wag of the finger for delays caused by fear and eschewing hard work.

If you have any questions, or maybe want to see some detail on how part of this project was done, find a way to contact me.