Button for the Gwendolyn Show

Button for the Gwendolyn Show

The Gwendolyn commissioned me to craft the artwork for a button, a button for her show. Gwendolyn Steele tells stories, funny stories, in a funny way. The Three Little Pigs, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet (Or, “What I did on my summer vacation.”) and she is also learning how to become a Knight! She needed some buttons to give as badges of honor to audience volunteers and fans of the show.


If you need a good bedtime story, check out Gwendolyns’ videos here:



I started the project from a couple sketches and pulled some images of hearts from online (google search). I did create some similar buttons for the IJA’s Youth Juggling Academy a couple years ago (ongoing project) – so I used the template of that as a starting point for this project.


Variations on the theme:


This last bit is some artwork that I made for laughs as I was working on a possible poster tie in, but honestly, unicorns and kittens – we should get this thing printed up. Maybe postcards that Gwendolyn can sign after her shows. …


You can find more about The Gwendolyn Show at her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/GwendolynShow/


Overall: Fun project, took a day and then a day to see it again and make a tweak or two. I should get a picture of the finished project up here, and provide the template for making a button badge, to you, the reading public.