Background and Proficiencies:

Juggler, Comedian - The London Broil Show

Twenty years of stage performance experience. Juggling, stunts, comedy. Teamwork. Precision performance. Charisma, stage presence, leadership. Local Audience building. merchandising. Business maintenance and growth. Fully booked on the Renaissance Festival Circuit - modern day vaudeville circuit. Professional performer. In the moment, comfortable, and confident performer.

Comedian, Host - Almost Homeless Comedy Tour

Stand up comedy. Hours and hours at open mics from New York - Arizona. Odd ball stand up? Yeah, maybe, I also find it hard to repeat anything I have said more than three to five times. I am on to other ideas. Performance art? At times, cause I always thought those were the cool kids. Solid as a host and emcee. Upbeat and engaging. The almost homeless comedy tour has been pulling solid audiences at the best clubs for the last five years.

Board of Directors - International Jugglers' Association

Four years rendering assistance to fellow jugglers. Roles in large projects and twice monthly meetings. Largest and oldest juggling organization in the world. Part of a team that is responsible for budgets, accounting, planning, websites, social media, design, festival production, video production, monthly newsletters and international juggling events.

Actor, Juggler - Victor EgginNoggin and Gingersnap

Classically inspired, master juggler and bubbly assistant comedy show. Timing, creation, partnership. Writing, rehearsing and performing from a script. Idea to Performance in a couple months. Merchandising. Creation of script, costume, logos, bits, and character. Working well with a partner in a new creative space, solid communication skills.

Actor - Blind Dog Entertainment

Three independent movies. Played a character from the world of the Renaissance Festivals. Minion and Juggler. Also was crew on the film. Indie style work ethic. Up until we get the shot. Cast and Crew. Part of a large team of professional entertainers become new film makers.

Personality, Voice Actor - DML Podcast

Thirty Four episodes of best friend comedy. Duncan Matt and Louie entertain with weekly segments and interviews of fellow festival entertainers and personalities. Science is Happening, History Right Now, Pop Quiz.

Graphic Designer - International Jugglers' Association

Officer position. Creation of print and online artwork. Postcard, trading cards, t-shirts, Facebook promotion graphics, posters, letterhead, website artwork, buttons, logos. Helping create and follow through with using a style guide and branding theme over many projects. Spec work to finished work made to upload to online printing sites. Larger, months long graphics projects to last minute emergency graphics.  

Graphic Designer, Animator - The London Broil Show

All the art that a modern entertainment variety comedy juggling show needs, I handle most of it. T-shirt art, DVD editing, creation, menus, animation, and ordering. Stickers, badges, logos, cards. Websites, and online promotion artwork. Video editing and effects, artwork and photo gathering for promotional material. All the artwork a small business needs, promotion to props.

Graphic Designer, Animator - Skaratech

Illustration, animation, design. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, (Flash), HTML, WordPress (Dreamweaver). All the ways they work together and all the ways that they can go wrong, twenty five years of computers and design experience. Print and Online graphics. Business cards, youtube videos, special effects on indie movies, t-shirts, posters, animations, all the things. First design job - 36 issue weekly newsprint: 'The Pennysaver'. The job that I really cut my teeth on: 'Raymond Geddes' school supply company.

Animator, Writer - Transgoformerbots / e4films

Four friends wanted to make an animation. e4. Films. Transgoformerbots - 'found art' animation voice acted and written by the team. Animation was done in after effects - opening in flash. A very fun few episodes featuring Negatron and Optimistic Prime.

Visual Effects Lead - Blind Dog Entertainment

Final cut and after effects. From removing soda cans that were left in a shot to adding in castles or a villains ominous glow. Recruited and hired online workers to help in masking and the tedious parts of visual effects. Learned to create effects on a budget. Learned and taught after effects techniques to other creatives. Created schedules and work logs to aid in completing the project. Managed software and hardware, IT and purchases to deliver on the project. Understands the hours (days) that may be spent hand moving a mask, or matching motion, or erasing a string, managing layers of effects to create a scene. Attention to that detail, patience for the technology and process.

Teacher, Coach - Camp Juggle Monster Lake

Teaching hundreds to juggle. Group Structure. Coaching and teaching how to learn. Producing smooth events. Online promotion. Snack buying. Venue rentals. 

Eagle Scout - Boy Scouts of America

Be prepared. Leave things better than you found them. Strive to be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. I can live in a tent, start a fire and handle most emergency situations.